Kehoe Realty

"Your Realtors with a Heart"

901 N. M-18, P.O. Box 496, Gladwin, Michigan 48624

Office: 989.426.0664   Fax: 1.888.398.7112   Email


Local Services

Consumers Energy: 800-477-5050 (Elec/Natural Gas)
DTE Energy 800-477-4747 (Natural Gas in Sugar Springs)
AT&T Phone: 1-800-244-4444
Charter/Spectrum Cable TV: 989-667-1750


Animal Control (Wildlife Only)

MI Animal Control - Sal Palombo  989-388-7435 link
(Mention Kehoe Realty and get a 25% discount)

Appliance Repair
L & R Appliance Repair  989-426-4301
Advanced Appliance Repair 989-345-7258

Homeland Appraisals

   (Ron Jenneman)   989-246-1697
Baker & Elbers - George Baker 989-799-4080
Peterson & Watson Appraisals

   (Dick Peterson) 989-835-1104
Ace Appraisals - Jeanie Reif   989-781-7814

Asphalt Sealcoating Service
Dematio Sealcoarting     989-345-8065

Auction Service
John Peck Auctions    989-426-8061
Adam Breault      989-426-2589

Auto Repair & Service
Greave's Body Shop   989-426-2100
Myers for Tires, Inc    989-426-4261

Chamber of Commerce
Gladwin Chamber of Commerce:  989-426-5451
Clare Chamber of Commerce:  989-386-2442

Carpet Cleaning
Schuh's Services - Bill Schuh 989-426-6616
Unique Maintenance & Furniture Cleaning (Daune Zeller)  989-426-7691
Northern Carpet Cleaners     989-435-3845

Ceramic Tile
Tony Hale   989-397-4954

Computer Repair and Conciliation
Genesis Computer Systems LLC   989-426-3121



Dan Hager   989-424-1197

Electric Contractors
Craig Taunt   989-329-6513
Scott Adams   989-435-4258
Master Electric   989-426-9860

Greaves Trucking   989-426-8192

Seamless Gutters
Todd Lake Seamless Gutters   989-426-0083
Nash Gutter Service   989-429-0981

Tony Hale   989-397-4952
Maxwell Builders   989-435-8839 (Ty Maxwell)
S & S Home Maintanence

   (Steve Swosinski) 989-630-6256

Heating & Cooling
Bonham Heating and Cooling   989-426-2151  
AAA Plumbing Heating and Air     989-426-4733

C & S Heating and Cooling LLC    989-426-9826
Scott Gardner & Sons Heating & Cooling and Manufactured
Home Parts & Service  989-426-4166

Jody Bonomo    989-359-9749
Cassandra McKenzie   989-802-9366

House Staining
Jason Coney  989-429-5698
(Specializes in Log Homes)
Edgar Painting    989-426-4265


Spectrum Internet   855-313-0567

ISP Management: 989-426-3610 (Wireless)

StarLink (currently in BETA)

Insurance Companies
Miller Ins. Group - Neil Provost 989-631-1500
Burkhart-Presidio Insurance   989-426-9278   
Diebold Insurance   888-343-2667   

Delisle Lawn Care & Excavating   989-689-0069
Cloverleaf Landscaping   989-426-0390

Lawn Care
A Cut Above   989-598-6401
Rule's Lawn Service (Sugar Springs) 989-246-7055

Licensed Contractors /Builders
Jonkin Builders  (Bob Kind)   989-429-1663
Maxwell Builders   989-435-8839 (Ty Maxwell)
DeShano Construction/Restoration   989-426-2521

The Key Shop   989-835-8480


Manufactured Home Movers & Tie Downs

John Lineberry Mobile Home Moving LLC


Painter (Interior)
Kelli Cassiday    Cell: 989-429-1153

Lakeside Painters   989-233-4558

Painter (Exterior)
Edgar Painting    989-426-4265

Lakeside Painters   989-233-4558

Pest Control
Arrow Pest Control    989-386-3016
MI Animal Control - Wildlife

     (Sal Polombo)  989-388-7435
     (Mention Kehoe Realty and get 25% off Service)

Propane Fuel

Duggan Propane   989-205-8307
Heintz Propane   989-424-6644
Ziehm L P Gas Incorporated  989-426-1775

Randy's Plumbing     989-426-2244
Gary Ballard Plumbing   989-426-7370
AAA Plumbing Heating and Air   989-426-4733

Lighthouse Cust Builders, Inc. - Jeff  989-873-6262
Sea Walls and Docks - Robert 989-892-4849

Septic Service
Goodwin Septic Tank Service    989-426-7263

Beaverton Security   989-435-7766
Lil Willies Septic Service   800-545-9455
Greaves Trucking   989-426-8192

Snow Removal
A Cut Above   989-598-6401
Jeff Wilford  989-429-6062
Greg Polluck (Sugar Springs Only): 989-246-1684

Stump Grinding
Zelt's Sump Grinding Service    989-426-4406

Statewide Surveying    989-426-3553
Mitchell Associates    989-539-6878
Lapham Associates    989-426-4881
Alpine Land Surveying (Flood Zone)   810-207-8050

Title & Abstract Companies
Superior Title: 989-426-9937
North Star Title:  989-426-7565
Gateway Title: 989-386-8020
Clare County Title: 989-539-2060

Tree Removal
Oakridge Tree Service   989-426-8741
Ho-Jo's Tree Service   989-426-6368  

Well Drillers
Gioannini Well Drilling   989-313-5137
JT Raymond Well Drilling   989-246-3115

* Disclaimer: Kehoe Realty does not guarantee or claim responsibility for the actions or quality of service of the following companies. These are just simply recommendations from past experiences and Kehoe Realty should not be held liable for any of the following companies. Also, Kehoe Realty does not receive any compensation or kickbacks for referring customers or clients to these companies. These are simply suggestions.